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To Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder Story Movie Review

Written by Ali Chappell

Released by Epic Pictures

To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story Poster

Directed by Derek Dennis Herbert
2017, 108 minutes, Not Rated
Released August 26th, 2017

Kane Hodder
Bruce Campbell
Sean S. Cunningham
Robert Englund
Michael Feifer
Zach Galligan
Adam Green
Sid Haig
Danielle Harris

To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 01 To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 02


Here is the deal with this film: it is a biography. I can’t exactly give it a “rating” because if I think it sucks, do I think Kane Hodder sucks? This is his real life, his real harrowing stories. So, critic wise, my only opinions will be about how it was shot and if it looks good. Otherwise, let’s just sit back and talk about Kane for a hot minute. Also, not to brag, but one time Kane asked me to leave my boyfriend for him. I 100% believe he does this with all the ladies, but still, good to know Jason Voorhees thinks I got swagger. Suck it every ex-boyfriend I ever had!

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story is the biopic of Kane Hodder, known famously for his roles as Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley. Kane alone is a draw for any horror film. He plays the same basic character in everything, but it works for him. I don’t think I would believe him to be the comic relief in any film, but him playing a tough bad ass cop or killer? Heck yeah. Sign me up.

To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 03 To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 04

To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 05 To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story 06

Throughout the film he reflects on his time playing these iconic roles. How he took a role that other people played before him and made it his own. He discusses his process as not only an actor but a stunt man. He tells the tales of his life that otherwise we probably wouldn’t have gotten to know. He also talks about his childhood and how he was bullied and tormented (I don’t believe it because that dude is a tank, but we all have our origin stories). He also discusses his infamous near-death experience that happened very early in his career that almost cost him his life, instead it just cost him a lot of skin. Literally. He has third degree burns over a bunch of his body.

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story features appearances by Bruce Campbell, Cassandra Peterson, Robert Englund, Sean S Cunningham, Adam Green, Sid Haig, Danielle Harris, etc. I’m not going to explain to you who these people are, that is what the internet is for…also a true horror fan would just know. Yeah, I went there.

This film reveals the man behind the hockey mask in a way that you have never seen him before. If you want a good doc about someone really interesting in the horror world, then this is the one to choose. Kane Hodder is horror. Let’s be real. If you thought you knew who this man is, think again.

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Movie: 5 Star Rating Cover
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About The Author
Ali Chappell
Staff Reviewer - Canada
Ali Chappell grew up in a wholesome Canadian family that embraced her love of horror at a young age, which allowed her to become desensitized towards its violent nature. She has a several degrees, including business, a triple threat theater degree and is currently working on her third in the field of archaeology. On top of being a writer and an avid horror fan, she is also a yoga teacher, archer, tarot card reader, in the midst of planning her first heist and still enjoys the bright life of being a struggling actress. When she isn't traveling the globe, she is usually found hiding in a movie theater hating the world and everyone in it. However, she is also very optimistic and cheerful and hopes one day Joe Dante will notice her (so she can stop obsessing over him, it's getting kind of weird).
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