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Universal Horror Collection: Volume 5 - Jungle Woman Blu-ray Review

Written by Robert Gold

Blu-ray released by Scream Factory

Universal Horror Collection Volume 5 Large

Directed by Reginald LeBorg
Written by Bernard Schubert, Henry Sucher and Edward Dein
1944, 61 minutes, Not rated

J. Carrol Naish as Dr. Carl Fletcher
Acquanetta as Paula Dupree
Richard Davis as Bob Whitney
Lois Collier as Joan Fletcher
Milburn Stone as Fred Mason
Evelyn Ankers as Beth Mason

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Paula Dupree is alive and well and roaming the halls of a creepy old sanitarium. It turns out that when we last saw her being gunned down by an anxious cop, she was only mostly dead. The benign Dr. Fletcher takes over the late Dr. Walters’ practice and research and claims the body of the fallen gorilla. Detecting a faint pulse, he brings her back to life and somehow manages to turn her back into a woman. Paula is a lot chattier now and is still unfortunately attracted to unavailable men. This time it’s Dr. Fletcher’s daughter Joan’s fiancée. He enjoys the attention but should know better than to lead her on. Jealousy once again rears its ugly head and Paula is out of control in her search for love.

Jungle Woman, the follow up to Captive Wild Woman, is an unnecessary sequel that tries to draw more material from a very shallow premise. It works well enough for one movie that runs just over an hour, but comes up dry this time. Roughly a quarter of this film’s running time is padded with recycled footage from its predecessor (including more animal shots from The Big Cage). The two lead actors from the first film appear briefly in the prologue, mostly in flashbacks and are quickly dismissed. Acquanetta returns as Paula Dupree, the ape-woman, and is given a much larger part. While it is nice to see her again, the expanded role exceeds her abilities as an actress and her performance is flat and awkward. Most disappointing is that she remains in human form with no sign of the monster until the very end. Jungle Woman was Universal’s attempt at building another franchise to its growing roster of monster movies, but is widely viewed as the worst of the bunch. Somehow the series stretched on with a second sequel, The Jungle Captive, released the following year.

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