Unto Death Movie Review

Written by Ryan Noble

Released by Jamhoop Films

Written and directed by Jamie Hooper
2016, 7 minutes, Not rated

Tim Blackwell as Thomas
Nathan Dean Williams as Luke
Gebriella Montrose as Lilith

unto death poster


If you're looking for a Gothic horror to sink your teeth into, look no further than Jamie Hooper's Unto Death, a dramatic seven minute short that grabs your attention from the first second with its grandiose Gothic score, intense monologue, and an ongoing struggle between faith and love.

Tim Blackwell plays Thomas, a man of God, delivering a sermon that immediately grips you, unable to look away as Hooper cuts between three conflicting scenes that you can't help but try to piece together. Nathan Dean Williams, as Luke, never actually speaks a word, yet he plays his part equally well.

unto death 01 unto death 02

Without the pair ever speaking a word to each other, it is easy for the viewer to see the love shared between them, shown mostly through one afternoon walk in the woods and photographs that surround the bed. Interspersed with these photographs of the couple are multiple crucifixes, which seem to pit their faith versus their relationship. Despite their obvious, pure love for each other, is it something that they have to hide?

This is something we'll never know, because the couple's life has already taken a path that they cannot both walk. A path that a brief encounter with the beautiful Lilith, played by Gabriella Montrose, sends our protagonists down. What will win this battle? Love or religion? Faith or fact? Whatever the result may be, each scene is driven forward by Bernard Herrlurn's score, which is highly dramatic, as Gothic as it gets, and captures the longing and loss of the film with clarity.

unto death 03 unto death 04

If you like Gothic horror in a modern-day scenario, Unto Death could be the film for you. At only seven minutes long, you really have nothing to lose. Hooper also has many different films in the works, as can be seen on his website , and I'll be keeping an eye on any further shorts from him. Hopefully, you'll join me.


Movie: 3.5 Star Rating unto death small

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