Urine Trouble Movie Review

Written by Daniel Benson

Released by SBT Films

Written and Directed by Sam Thompson

7 Minutes, Not rated

Mike Rasque
Rita Cannon
Todd Dahlgren
Melissa Lindemann
Paul Globensky


Killer urinal cakes attack unsuspecting bathroom visitors.


Yes, that really is the entire plot synopsis, but what would you expect from a seven minute independent feature about killer urinal cakes?

I had expected something utterly stupid, shot (badly) on DV, edited together with Microsoft Movie Maker and starring a bunch of high-school goons who got drunk and decided to “make a movie”.

While the end result is indeed utterly stupid, it is utterly stupid in the most wonderful way. It’s like a seven minute chunk of Troma, from the halcyon days when they used to be wonderfully off-the-wall while still managing to entertain the audience.

There’s a lot that many independent filmmakers could learn from Urine Trouble, not least that it is possible to create a polished effort with very little money. The camera work and editing are superb, and the special effects (which consist mainly of a urinal cake with teeth, and a guy who gets his cock bitten off) are brilliant.

Sam Thompson promises “horror movies your way”, and when you get a highly entertaining, slickly made slab of independent horror goodness like this, that’s certainly the way I like it.

Video and Audio:

I never really expect much more than DV from such a low budget presentation, but this looks to have been shot in 16mm, lending a nice film look with a little grain. The audio isn't going to blow anyone away, but it is more than adequate for what's required.

Special Features:

Urinal Cake Audio Commentary – The movie narrated by one of the urinal cakes. As they communicate solely with grunts and noises, it wears thin after about 30 seconds.

Cast & Crew Interviews – A frequently funny short piece, based around director Sam Thompson’s misconception that the cast & crew really respect him.

Urinal Cake Beer Commercial – A public service film about the dangers of killer urinal cakes. Take note, it may save your life.

Movie Posters – Exactly that. A collection of artwork designed for the movie.


Movie: 4 Stars
Video: 3.5 Stars
Audio: 3 stars
Features: 3 stars
Overall: 4 Stars

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