Vampires, Mummies & Monsters: Time Walker DVD Review


Written by Robert Gold

DVD released by Shout! Factory



Directed by Tom Kennedy
Written by Jason Williams and Tom Friedman
1982, 83 minutes, Rated PG
DVD released on September 27th, 2011

Ben Murphy as Prof. Douglas McCadden
Nina Axelrod as Susie Fuller
Kevin Brophy as Peter Sharpe
Shari Belafonte-Harper as Linda Flores
James Karen as Dr. Wendell J. Rossmore



The gang at Mystery Science Theatre 3000 crowned Time Walker the worst film they ever viewed, and it can be seen here in all of its glory. What’s the worst that could happen when a mummy is brought to a California campus and given high doses of radiation before being robbed of some sacred crystals? How about a slow-moving plot jammed with every cliché of the 1980s that shuffles along to a baffling conclusion? The film really shouldn’t be as much fun as it is, but I think I have discovered a new guilty pleasure to force upon unsuspecting friends. The supporting cast includes James Karen (Poltergeist), Kevin Brophy (Hell Night) and Shari Belafonte-Harper as a sidekick, but only when someone remembers to call her.



Video and Audio:

Time Walker looks about as good as it ever will, yet still remains a bit beaten up around the edges. There are some moments of print damage and heavy grain, but I suspect they have always been there and will likely remain unchecked in the future.



Special Features:


Interviews with actor Kevin Brophy and producer Dimitri Villard offer a few minutes of kind words for a 30-year-old stroll down amnesia lane.

The original theatrical trailer rounds out the supplements.








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