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Warning!!! Pedophile Released Movie Review

Written by Robert Gold

DVD released by Alter Ego Cinema



Written and Directed by Shane Ryan
Written by Shane Ryan and Kai Lanette
2009, Region 1 (NTSC), 96 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on December 8th, 2009

Kai Lanette as Echo
Shane Ryan as Malachi
Molly Wryn as Malachi’s mother
Sean Cain as Stephen
Rob Dale as Echo’s father




Malachi (Shane Ryan) and Echo (Kai Lanette) were a young couple in love, but there was one problem: he was 18 and she was 12. While both insist their love was never physically shared beyond light hugging and kissing, Malachi was branded a pedophile and sent to jail for more than six years. Echo has vowed to wait for him, but three years later she is gang raped by faceless teens and later kicked out of her house when her dad learns she is pregnant.

Warning!!! Pedophile Released
is a film divided into three chapters: Female, Age-15, Little Girl Gone Bad and The Sex Offender. The first two-thirds of the film follow Echo as she wanders around from one depressed location to another. Minimal interaction amounts to our protagonist asking friends for a place to stay or reassuring people that she is okay. The first hour may include as much as 6-minutes of dialogue buried under countless atmospheric alternative rock tunes that paint a bleak landscape for anyone unconvinced that Echo is for realz.

Chapter-two finds Echo occasionally turning tricks when she is not wasting time standing in vacant lots or sleeping on roadside sofas. This pouty emo-bitch wastes countless days pining for satisfaction without stepping up to earn a living with an actual job. Her plight is self induced and she merits zero sympathy. Life is tough for Echo, but only because she doesn’t try for anything better.



The film’s title becomes relevant once the “pedophile” is released from prison after an unbelievable six-year sentence. Malachi is unable to handle physical contact with Echo and barely makes eye contact. She brings him home to his blind mother (Molly Wryn), but he doesn’t appear too thrilled to be reunited with either woman who put their lives on hold to wait for his release.

Joanna Angel (Rock and Roll in my Butthole) appears in a brief scene that starts with her yelling at her roommate while sitting naked on a toilet, soon followed by her demanding that her free-loading ex-con brother Stephen (Sean Cain), get out of her life. Angel wears nothing but a variety of tattoos during these confrontations and before the scene can approach relevance it ends as randomly as it began. The sequence is sandwiched in for the sake of giving a porn-star screen time, allowing the crossover audiences from her adult films to share in the endless disappointment of genre fans.

Stephen apparently sodomized our anti-hero in prison and is looking to rekindle their relationship on the outside. Malachi passively asks him to leave him alone and the guy does, but soon a neighbor recognizes him from a flyer bearing the pedophile warning and accosts Malachi on the street. Shame and humiliation prove too great and our spineless hero chooses to run away from his problems.



While the project is competently shot, the crutch of gimmicky video effects weakens the end result. The material feels autobiographical without conveying authenticity. The theme of undying love is undercut by the annoying lack of effort by any of the characters to advance through hard work or simply applying themselves toward the countless opportunities that surround them. These unlikeable jackasses deserve better, but if they insist on letting life pass them by then they get what they deserve.

The screener disc arrived as a DVD-R copy hand-labeled in Sharpie, identifying the presentation as a low-quality review copy cut by 17 minutes. Having seen Ryan’s earlier films (Amateur Porn Star Killer trilogy) that provided ever increasing amounts of hard-core sex, I can only assume the missing footage contains the majority of the nudity missing from this version.

I once watched an edited version of the John Holmes movie Dracula Sucks! that removed all traces of pornography, resulting in extended sequences of characters walking around and referring to wild antics that had been omitted. Ryan’s film reminds me of this experience and I can only hope that if the characters are given an opportunity to fuck each other blue once in a while, satisfaction is sure to follow at least on-screen if not for the audience.



Video and Audio:

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Special Features:

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Movie: 1 Star
Video: n/a
Audio: n/a
Features: n/a
Overall: 1 Star


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Author: Robert Gold
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