Way of the Wicked Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by Image Entertainment



Directed by Kevin Carraway
Written by Matthew Robert Kelly 
2014, Region 1 (NTSC), 92 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on May 20th, 2014

Vinnie Jones as John Elliot
Christian Slater as Henry
Emily Tennant as Heather
Jake Croker as Robbie



Atmosphere can mean everything for a movie. Sure, there are the exceptions for the ridiculous and far fetched films that many would consider either guilty pleasures or the escapism they need after a long day. Even then, there has to be a level of authenticity that an audience will accept and buy into before completely dismissing the premise altogether. This is especially important when horror and thrillers are concerned. If special effects, settings, dialogue and the actors themselves fail to connect or leave any sort of impression on the audience, credibility follows soon after.

This happens to be the case with Kevin Carraway's Way of the Wicked. Years after a couple of murders rock an isolated community, Robbie (Jake Croker) returns to the town where he was involved in an incident that resulted in the deaths of bullying teens. Not everyone believes that Robbie was innocent. Father Henry (Christian Slater) has come back to the same town after all these years, following the evil that he knows possesses Robbie and will only grow stronger. With Robbie now taking a liking to the police detective's daughter, he and Father Henry must team up to somehow overcome the benevolent powers that Robbie controls, before it's too late.



I honestly don't know where to begin with the problems that Way of the Wicked has as a supposed supernatural thriller. First off, it wouldn't surprise me if whoever was in charge of casting was unemployed after this film. Vinnie Jones plays the Detective who helps Father Henry battle the evil is inhabiting Robbie. Having only seen him in Snatch before he completely runied X-Men: The Last Stand, I had my doubts of being able to place him in a thriller seriously. Unfortunately my suspicions were correct, but he wasn't the only culprit that turned Way of the Wicked into a cringe-fest. Slater, even though he is a supporting actor, does enough damage by being unnecessarily dramatic and ominous. Dialogue by all of those involved is remarkably bad as well. As far as special effects are concerned, there are few onscreen deaths and most of the action involves characters being choked to death by the mind of a possessed teenager and people being flung around like rag dolls. One character is run over by janky farm equipment too, in case that's something you happened to be looking forward to.

Kevin Carraway's Way of the Wicked just doesn't have much going on in the way of plot, acting and special effects that is needed to deliver a feasible scenario to its audiences. What was trying to be a film about an ancient evil that has taken residence inside the body of a young-boy-turned-teenager ends up playing out more like a lackluster after school special about what happens when someone is bullied for far too long. That's if bullying happened to give you the crappiest evil powers you would then use to vanquish your enemies with. If you're looking for a supernatural thriller that will never fail to deliver, stick with House of the Devil. Muppet Treasure Island might do the trick as well.



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