Wishmaster Collection Blu-ray Review

Written by Steve Pattee

Blu-ray released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment


In 1997, the Wishmaster burst on the scene making the lives miserable of those who took him up on offers of wishes. The first film was a solid start to a series that would end up with four total movies, but what would you expect from something directed by effects extraordinaire Robert Kurtzman, who not only delivered on the grue and gore, but also managed to bring in a plethora of cameos.

A sequel wasn’t far behind and it was about enjoyable as the first, but the two subsequent movies were...well, let’s just say less than stellar.

All four movies are now available in the Wishmaster Collection from Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collector’s Series, and deliver in both video and audio. In addition, fans of the first film are going to be very pleased with the special features packed on the disc.

Read on for a review of each film!


Movie: Grade Cover
Video: Grade
Audio: Grade
Features: Grade
Overall: 3.5 Star Rating

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