Wolf Creek 2 Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by Image Entertainment




Directed by Greg Mclean
Written by Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns
2013, 106 minutes, Rated R
VOD release on April 17th, 2014 | Theatrical release on May 16th, 2014

John Jarratt as Mick Taylor
Ryan Corr as Paul Hammersmith
Shannon Ashlyn as Katarina Schmidt
Philippe Klaus as Rutget Enqvist



Australia is absolutely horrifying. What else would you expect from a country founded by rejected British convicts and harbors enough venomous and toxic creatures to forever haunt your dreams? Add deserts,unexplored jungles and the occasional Aboriginal psychopath, and you have the perfect setup for some jolly good torturous fun! Director Greg Mclean is back for seconds with his sequel to the 2005 gore fest Wolf Creek. Films such as these have permanently ingrained in my brain that you're completely vulnerable and helpless against being abducted and dismembered unless you vacation with no fewer than fifty people.

Wolf Creek 2 focuses on Paul, a man who is thrown into someone else's nightmare when he comes directly in between Mick Taylor (everyone's favorite Australian mass killer) and his most recent prey. What will follow will be the worse experience that he may never survive. Event after bloody event takes place, pitting him against Taylor that lays waste to more innocent bystanders and brings the two to a face-to-face standoff that will leave only one of them standing. Not for the squeamish, Wolf Creek 2 is filled right to the brim with all the blood, guts and enough exploding craniums to leave you cringing for more.



Like Mclean's previous film, the victims are faced with unspeakable horrors against a villain that isn't just insane, but also innovative and aware of his surroundings: the Australian outback. The characters that have been created are what separates Wolf Creek 2 from being compared to the painfully monotonous Saw sequels or the mindless slaughtering that takes place in every Hostel. No one will ever defend Mick Taylor as a likable killer, but he has lasting effect, almost along the same lines as Freddy Krueger, sans the overabundance of one-liners. In one scene, the exchange between Paul and Mick Taylor is a pleasant pace change from the running and hiding that takes place throughout the film. But just as everything slows down, body parts quickly begin to fly again.

If you've seen the first film, you'll know that production quality and special effects were done rather well with a budget of only one million dollars, you can only imagine how amazing scenes look when the budget has been amped up to over seven million. My only gripe that I could bring up is that Wolf Creek 2 is essentially the same movie as its predecessor. The dialogue between Paul and Mick in one scene makes the movie stand out when compared to other films of its kind, but as far as overall plot and cringe tactics are concerned, if you're looking for a new experience, then this may not be the film for you. On the other hand, if you can appreciate the first for what it was, this will be just as entertaining as the body count rises.

Greg Mclean delivers another installment to add to your worst fears about the world down under. Imagine a homicidal Steve Irwin hacking and slashing away at your friends, all while smiling and adding you to his human body collection. It's fun for the whole family, although I'll be eager to see if anything fresh can be brought to the next release.



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