Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

DVD released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Directed by Valeri Milev
Frank H. Woodward
2014, 91 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 20th October 2014

Sadie Katz as Sally
Anthony Ilott as Danny
Aqueela Zoll as Toni
Rollo Skinner as Vic



The indomitable, indefatigable killer hillbilly franchise returns for a sixth instalment, to the chagrin of critics and snooty horror fans alike. Not bad for a series which started out as a cheap Deliverance riff for teens. No franchise has flourished on the Straight to DVD horror scene like Wrong Turn, apparently only getting stronger as the budgets tighten and the work outsources to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria here stands in for the Appalachian Mountains as the action returns to Wrong Turn 4’s mental institution, now retooled as a remote spa run by creepy couple Sally and Jackson (an excellent Sadie Katz and Chris Jarvis). In a move informed by the recent Texas Chainsaw 3D, lonely orphan Danny learns that the spa is in fact his by birthright, and is invited by Sally and Jackson to come stay a spell. However, the presence of Three-Finger and his siblings lurking in the background suggests that all is not what it seems to be.

wrong-turn-6-04 wrong-turn-6-03

Those expecting this sequel to pick up where its immediate predecessor left off will be disappointed – Doug Bradley is nowhere to be seen, nor is he so much as mentioned or hinted at in the script. Possibly for the best, as Wrong Turn 5 was by far the most unpleasant film in the series, veering far too close to rape exploitation for comfort. Where this leaves the timeline is anybody’s guess (those attempting to keep track should have a killer headache by now) but then, this has never been a franchise to think too hard about.

Still, Last Resort is much less thoughtless than one would expect from the sixth entry in a series founded on a Desmond Harrington movie – the story here is actually the most plotted yet, including actual scenes with a point beyond people getting naked or getting murdered. While still, of course, having quite a lot of nudity and murder. It’s also the most sexed-up entry yet, with almost everyone at it like rabbits at the slightest excuse. That the film manages to integrate this without feeling as rapey or even half as uncomfortable as Wrong Turn 5 is impressive. Steamy (literally and figuratively), kinky and still quite discomforting (in a Hillbilly sex kind of way as opposed to the non-consensual kind) it’s borderline softcore porn, with only Three-Finger and chums to remind you that this is in fact a sequel to a Desmond Harrington movie and not Carry On up the Wrong Turn (or, to steal a Carry On joke, Wrong Turn ‘Sex’).

wrong-turn-6-02 wrong-turn-6-01

Carrying on the tradition of gleefully nasty death sequences, there’s also plenty to see on that front, with one particular scene to match even Wrong Turn 4’s infamous fondue party. Katz and Jarvis steal the show as the most accomplished actors among the cast, although the kids make a decent effort too. Fans of Emmerdale will never look at Roxanne Pallett in quite the same way afterwards in a bare-all role which leaves nothing to the imagination.

While it will win the franchise no new fans, Wrong Turn 6 is far better than the sixth entry in a Straight to DVD series has any right to be. Surprisingly inventive, frequently nasty and always fun, this is one of the best entries yet. And, of course, it leaves the door wide open for another sequel. As ever, I’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival.


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