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Yor: The Hunter from the Future Blu-ray Review

Written by Robert Gold

Blu-ray released by Mill Creek Entertainment

Yor The Hunter From The Future Large

Directed by Anthony M. Dawson
Written by Robert Bailey and Anthony M. Dawson
1983, 88 minutes, Rated PG
Blu-ray released on January 16th, 2018

Reb Brown as Yor
Corrine Clery as Kalaa
Alan Collins as Pag
John Steiner as Overlord
Marina Rocci as Tarita
Carole André as Ena

Yor The Hunter From The Future 01 Yor The Hunter From The Future 02


I was thirteen-years-old when I saw Yor: The Hunter from the Future for the first time. I can’t say I immediately fell in love with it, but I really had a blast watching how crazy it is. This movie has a little bit of everything – action, adventure, romance, dinosaurs and laser blasts too! How is all of this possible? Thirteen-year-old me knows it is because Yor is a hunter from the future. Duh. He may live a prehistoric lifestyle with cave dwellers, but when the robots show up later on he knows how to fight with their weapons too. Contemporary me knows this movie pulls from all sorts of cinematic influences and has no problem mixing One Million Years B.C. with Star Wars because why not. Audiences know what they like and Yor tries to hit as many bases as possible.

At the center of this adventure is a happy-go-lucky man named Yor, who doesn’t know much about his origins but has a definite curiosity to find out. He knows the mysterious medallion he wears is a clue, but until a path is placed before him, Yor is satisfied spending his days jogging around the desert. It is while he is out on one of his runs that he happens across Kalaa and her father figure, Pag, being terrorized by a dinosaur. Yor is quick to slay the beast with his stone axe and is celebrated at their village for his efforts. Trouble follows and soon one adventure follows another as Yor’s quest becomes clear. On their journey they meet the lovely Tarita, a woman capable of answering many of Yor’s questions. Not long after, the evil Overlord makes his presence known and he sends robots with laser guns to interfere with our hero’s happiness. Can Yor solve his personal issues and stand up to the bad guys? You bet he can, but watching him try is half the fun.

Yor The Hunter From The Future 03 Yor The Hunter From The Future 04

There is a shot during one of the escape sequences that rules – a miniature set featuring an action figure as Yor’s stunt double is just one of many stunning things viewers can look forward to. Reb Brown (Sssssss) stars as Yor and totally plays it straight. As TV’s Captain America he fought for the good guys and here Brown fights the good fight once again, but this time in a terrible wig. He does get an awesome theme song, so that’s something. Corrine Clery (Moonraker) plays Yor’s jealous love interest, Kalaa. She may have just met him, but she is totally ready to kill any woman that catches his eye. She is little more than a damsel in distress here, but handles the role well enough. Alan Collins (Exterminators of the Year 3000) is Pag, a chubby middle-aged man in standard cave man wardrobe who is pretty boss with his bow and arrow. He participates in the above action-figure scene in a pretty hilarious way and is usually fun to watch on screen.

Director Antonio Marghereti (Cannibal Apocalypse) hides behind the domesticated moniker Anthony M. Dawson for US distribution purposes. He keeps things moving like a bullet from one action set piece to the next with little downtime. The problem he faces isn’t creativity but rather a paltry budget. He could have compromised and put that money into fewer sequences, but chooses instead to give the audience everything he’s got. This may result in clunky dinosaurs and some cheesy visual effects from time to time, but he can’t be faulted for his efforts. Nobody is going to confuse Yor with a good movie, but that won’t keep it from earning a place in cult fandom. This flick is a lot of fun and I encourage you to pick it up especially at the Blu-ray’s discount price point. Watch it with friends, possibly with booze, and prepare to take a wild ride with some wacky Italian filmmakers’ big adventure.

Yor The Hunter From The Future 05 Yor The Hunter From The Future 06

Video and Audio:

Presented in the original 1.85:1 aspect ratio, the print is in less than perfect shape, but this is by far the best the picture has ever looked. Colors and flesh tones appear natural throughout and there is a surprising level of small-object detail.

A DTS-HD MA 2.0 mix gets the job done with a well-balanced mix of dialogue and effects. The music cues are occasionally loud and it is unfortunately difficult to understand all the lyrics to Yor’s fun theme song.

Yor The Hunter From The Future 07 Yor The Hunter From The Future 08

Special Features:

Reb Brown delivers a solid and insightful audio commentary filled with production anecdotes that fans will definitely want to hear.

The theatrical trailer is also included.

Yor The Hunter From The Future 12 yor the hunter from the future 11


Movie: Twostars Cover
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Video: Threestars
Audio: Twoandahalfstars
Features: Oneandahalfstars
Overall: 2.5 Star Rating

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