You're Next Blu-ray Review

Written by Simon Bland

Blu-ray released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Directed by Adam Wingard
Written by Simon Barrett
2013, Region 2, 91 minutes, Rated 18(UK)
Blu-ray released on 13 January 2014

Sharni Vinson as Erin
Nicholas Tucci as Felix
Wendy Glenn as Zee
AJ Bowen as Crispian
Joe Swanberg as Drake
Barbara Crampton as Aubrey


There are a handful of fresh-faced horror filmmakers working today who have a genuine air of excitement about them. Odds are most audiences will have only encountered their work via snapshot segments in horror anthology movies like V/H/S, its recent sequel and The ABCs of Death. You’ll know which shorts these guys are responsible for as they’re usually the most memorable. We’re talking about directors like Ti West, Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, guys whose raw enthusiasm for a new scare and appreciation of the genre is contagious. So when a feature length movie comes along that involves all three, you know it’s going to be interesting.

youre-next-01 youre-next-02

Home invasion thriller You’re Next is helmed by Wingard who’s directing a script by his long-time collaborator buddy Barrett. It follows a middle aged couple who return home for a planned family reunion. While their kids Drake, Crispian, Felix and Aimee are all fully grown and busy embarking on their own (very different) lives, they all find time to return home for the occasion, bringing their politely smiling partners along for the ride. As mum and dad’s house starts to fill, the usual sibling rivalries begin to present themselves, watched awkwardly by the boyfriend/girlfriend +1’s. Like any family, it doesn’t take long before the ‘innocent’ jokes and jibes give way to reveal some very real tensions and sore spots. Things comes to a head when the world’s most awkward dinner party is interrupted by a crossbow bolt to Aimee’s boyfriend’s skull. How rude. 

youre-next-03 youre-next-04

One by one, each member of the family is targeted by a group of masked invaders. They may have sinister animal faces but these attackers aren’t the soulless Funny Games type or even the creepy kind seen in The Strangers, it’s clear these slashers have a job to do and a cheque to cash from someone, the question is who? As the blood starts to fly, family secrets emerge from the woodwork while Crispian’s ex-survivalist girlfriend Erin reveals an unusual talent for hacking, whacking and stabbing. With the remaining family members barricaded inside the house, the film’s third act starts to resemble a bloodthirsty Home Alone, with hidden nails and axe loaded Rube Goldberg contraptions. However it never takes itself too seriously. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the generation these filmmakers represent, but Wingard and his cast (which includes horror legend Barbara Crampton) manage to avoid self referential humour whilst letting us know they’re in on the act. What’s served up is some top shelf tension and splatter with a good helping of humour thrown in too.

youre-next-05 youre-next-06

Video and Audio:

The video and audio are as good as one would expect from Blu-ray. The 1080p picture is encoded with MPEG-4 AVC at 2.39:1 aspect ratio. The audio is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Special Features:

The Blu-ray edition boasts two audio commentaries and an insightful 'making of' documentary which takes you behind the scenes of various aspects of the movie's production. 


Movie: 4 Stars youre-next-blu-small
Video: fourstars
Audio: fourstars
Features: Grade
Overall: 4 Star Rating

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