Zombeavers Movie Review

Written by Katie Bonham

DVD released by Universal Pictures UK

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Directed by Jordan Rubin
Written by Jordan Rubin, Jon Kaplin and Al Kaplin
2014, 85 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on October 20th 2014

Chad Anderson as Adam
Lexi Atkins as Jenn
Brent Briscoe as Winston Gregorson
Bill Burr as Joseph
Hutch Dano as Sam
Peter Gilroy as Buck

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With the huge success of B-movie films like Sharknado, Dinoshark and Sharktopus it was only a matter of time until horror got its own monster mashup movie, with a similarly unimaginative title to boot. Sure enough, the film follows a zombie outbreak which plagues an idyllic lake house retreat and the first to be infected are a pack of beavers, which attack a bunch of very gorgeous, perky teens in graphic fashion. Nocturnal animals by nature, the beavers lie in wait outside the lakeside cabin, only detectable by their glowing 'zombified' eyes. How will the kids survive the night when ravenous beavers are gnawing at the door?

Lexi Atkins plays Jenn, who is on a 'girly' weekend away as she tries to forget her cheating boyfriend and relax with her friends. However, the girls are disturbed when Zoe's ex and his friends turn up to surprise them. Cue a teenage getaway of stereotyped characters comprising sex, alcohol and bikinis. Expect many sexual beaver innuendos and the classic (or not so) male framing of women and all their assets.

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The Zombeavers are mostly created by animatonics, however there are a few noticeably distinct CGI beavers that fail to convince. The use of underwater cameras presents the POV of the approaching beavers as they close in on the unsuspecting swimming gang. The horrors the furry little beaver friends unleash is plentiful, as they deliver blood, bites and butchery. When the humans are bitten, they are not only transformed into zombies, they also turn into Zombeavers, growing teeth, long claws and the distinctive beaver tail. The grotesque transformation is brutal and there is a slight rejoice in seeing the pearly white-toothed teens grow large buck teeth.

The generic characters written for the film mean that the actors are restricted within their performances, but as a comedy/horror they embrace the crazy plot, limited budget and give each role their best shot. The first time I saw this film was at Film 4's Frightfest and the excitement surrounding this movie was intoxicating. Everyone knew what to expect, and regardless of how silly it was, it still received a great reception involving cheering, especially during the gorier moments. A notable B-movie creature feature that was filmed on a tight budget and over 3 weeks, Zombeavers delivers horror, humour, and does exactly what it says on the cover.

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