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Zombie Women of Satan Movie Review

Written by Daniel Benson

DVD released by Revolver Entertainment

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Directed by Steve O'Brien and Warren Speed
Written by Steve O'Brien, Warren Speed and Seymour Leon Mace
2009, Region 2, 85 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on June 21st, 2010

Warren Speed as Pervo the Clown
Victoria Hopkins as Skye Brannigan
Victoria Broom as Rachel Brannigan
Marysia Kay as Red Zander
Peter Bonner as Zeus
Kate Soulsby as Harmony Starr
Bill Fellows as Henry Zander
Gillian Settle as Blue Zander
Christian Steel as Tycho Zander
Joe Nicholson as Damage

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I have a rough rule of thumb when it comes to gauging my expectations of independent films; the more outrageous the title, or outlandish the promotional artwork, the more disappointing the end result normally is. So when a film called Zombie Women of Satan hits the review pile, my potential-crap-o-meter is already tickling the red line.

Except in this case, it was well off the mark.

ZWOS is one of those peculiarities that is, on the face of it, too stupid to work. The unlikely heroes of the film are a mixed bunch ranging from burlesque and circus performers to a metal band's lead singer. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you; Pervo the Clown (clown, pervert), Johnny Dee Hellfire (event compere), Zeus (flatulent dwarf), Damage (mute chainsaw juggler), Harmony Starr (burlesque performer) and Australian rock chick Skye Brannigan.

When this mismatched bunch of bickering Devil’s Retards is invited to a remote farm to be interviewed by an internet TV rock show, they get a lot more than they were expecting. As well as running his television program, Tycho Zander also keeps a harem of brainwashed, lingerie clad sex-slaves in the farmhouse while, in the barn,  his father conducts experiments on bringing the dead back to life. As you might expect, dad’s work gets a little too much exposure to Tycho’s and before you can say ‘bouncy bloodstained boobs’ there’s a whole army of half-naked female zombies swarming all over the farm.

The film is full to the brim of quintessentially British toilet humour, which means it may not appeal to audiences outside the UK, but if you have a juvenile mind (like mine) that finds constant knob gags funny then this will be right up your street. There are occasions when the comic timing seems slightly off, but these are outweighed by the sheer entertainment provided for the duration.

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The disparate characters play off well against each other, with the two male leads (Pervo and Hellfire) exhibiting a bickering male courtship while Skye looks on in thinly-veiled disgust. Pervo’s fondness for his friend is revealed when he sneaks off for a crafty one-off-the-wrist over a picture of Johnny, accompanied by pained grunts of “I’m not gay, just a bit bi-curious”.

The location used for filming was a 150 acre farm in the north of England and it provides the perfect setting. Directors Warren Speed and Steve O’Brien have used every resource it offered to get the best from their finished product. The pair also displays considerable skill behind the camera in making every shot look as professional as possible.

On viewing the trailer, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was just another DV-shot dick-about by a group of amateur filmmakers trying to play at making movies. In reality, the result is something that’s genuinely entertaining and shows incredible promise in the same way that Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste showed the promise that he’s gone on to exploit.

Zander’s farm has something for everyone, clowns, celebrities, midgets, mutes and zombie whores. Take a trip up there, you certainly won’t regret it.

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Movie: 4 Star Rating Cover
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