Zombie Women of Satan 2 Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by Growling Clown Entertainment

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Directed by Chris Greenwood
Written by Chris Greenwood and Warren Speed
2016, 94 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 31st October 2016

Warren Speed as Pervo the Clown
Pete Bennett as Bertie
Kathy Paul as Mother Zander
Caroline Elyssia as Octavia Zander

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A surprising thing: this is not the first film to have the words Zombie Women of Satan in the title. An even more surprising thing: the first one did well enough to warrant a sequel. The most surprising thing of all: sitting down to watch this ultra-low-budget movie called Zombie Women of Satan 2, I found myself not actually hating the thing. One could even say that I had ‘fun’ with it. No, really.

Make no mistake though; Zombie Women of Satan 2 is a piece of shit. Raising artlessness to an art form, this sequel picks up from the events of the first film, with rock star clown Pervo dealing with the aftermath and enjoying his fame as a hero celebrity. Rapidly burning out due to his sex addiction and obsession with breasts, Pervo accepts a job at a rich fan’s private party, being the guest of honour and promised all the boobs he can grope/motorboat/otherwise molest. It’s a trap though, set by surviving cultist (see the first film) Octavia and her demented lover Bertie (Big Brother star Pete Bennett for some reason) - a trap filled with zombies, no less.

Whether they hail from the bosom (heh) of Satan or not, the film delivers on its zombie women promise, packing the screen full of ladies of all shapes and sizes, always for Pervo and the viewer’s delectation. Needless to say, Zombie Women of Satan 2 is not an enlightened or pleasant movie, revelling in its sexist excesses at every opportunity. The action hailing from Tyneside, North England, of all places, it’s a grubby working-class English zombie comedy film, its protagonist’s grease-painted face being the only thing separating him from Viz’s Sid the Sexist, and too prudish to descend into full-on porn. Unlike the repellent Doghouse, however, at least this one does what it does in a fairly good natured manner – and is sensible enough to condemn its lead’s behaviour and misogynistic attitude with a mild slap on the wrist here and there.

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How incompetent is Zombie Women of Satan 2? So incompetent that its best performance comes from Pete Bennett, who seems to be channelling his inner 60s’ Batman villain to play Bertie, at once the most annoying and fascinating thing in it. At least they’re all having fun though, and the relationship between Pervo and his often disgusted bodyguard Boris is oddly charming, particularly during the last act, as they find themselves on the run together. The rare jokes that don’t revolve around boobs or Pervo’s desperate attempts to get laid land about as often as the rest (which is to say, barely at all) but it comes so thick and fast that inevitably there’s a smile or inadvertent giggle to be had somewhere at the line. Look out too, for a last-minute cameo from The Mighty Boosh’s Michael Fielding, who is finally not the worst actor in a movie or TV series in which he appears (that’s usually the joke though, so it’s okay).

For all of its typical low-budget padding, the story is surprisingly well-constructed, the action coherent and gory. The CGI blood ruins the latter though, as the former is let down (to say the least) by bad acting and one-note humour.

Zombie Women of Satan 2 is not a film I can recommend, morally or artistically. It’s leery, lewd and wilfully offensive. That it charms at all is to the credit of its cheery attitude, dedication to its cause and whatever Pete Bennett happens to be doing at the time. Zombie Women of Satan 2 is utter trash, but if you’re sitting down to watch a film called Zombie Women of Satan 2, chances are you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Movie: 2 Star Rating zombie women of satan 2 small

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