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Hello Mary Lou Prom Night Ii Ost Poster Large

Mood over melody, Paul Zaza’s score to an under-appreciated ‘80s gem finally makes its way to vinyl.

The Red Queen Kills Seven Times Poster Large

While it suffers from too many reprisals, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times offers enough to keep most Giallo fans satisfied.

The Runner Boy Harsher Poster Medium

The soundtrack is the focal point as darkwave duo, Boy Harsher, move from speakers to screen with their first film.

The Thing Ennio Morricone Poster Large

Morricone’s eerie, masterpiece of minimalism.

Exorcist Ii The Heretic Ennio Morricone Poster Large

Morricone’s great music for a not-great movie.

What Have You Done With Solange Ennio Morricone Poster Large

Morricone drops one of the best giallo scores in his career with this avant-jazz frightener.

I Malamondo Ennio Morricone Poster Large

Ennio Morricone teases the greatness to come with this freshman gem.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor The Newton Brothers Poster Large

Not perfect, but still splendid.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Danny Elfman Poster Large

What’s this? What’s this? Another Nightmare Before Christmas reissue. And it’s the best one yet!

Belladonna Of Sadness Poster Large

Take a trip with Satō Masahiko’s drug-laced, free-jazz, '70s-drenched, rock-jams.

Midsommar Bobby Krlic Large

Like the film it supports, Bobby Krlic’s score shifts between a fairy-tale goodness and cover-your-face horror.

Sorcerer Tangerine Dream Poster Large

Sorcerer is a spellbinding effort by Tangerine Dream.

Chernoblyl Hildur Guonadottir Large

HBO’s historical drama is backed by a harrowing soundtrack that is sure to appeal to fans of horror music. One of the best records of 2019.

The Crow Ost Large

Twenty-five years later, what once worked as a cult movie soundtrack now serves as a document of ‘90s alt-rock culture.

Suspiria Limited Edition Unreleased Material Thom Yorke Large

The companion piece to Thom Yorke’s accomplished Suspiria soundtrack is unfinished and unnecessary.

The Lost Boys 7 Inch Large

Mondo gives listeners two tracks from The Lost Boys soundtrack on vinyl. Death by stereo!

Suspiria 2018 Thom Yorke Large

Radiohead front-person Thom Yorke leaves listeners bewitched as tackles his first film score.

Tenebrae Soundtrack 02

After a couple years apart, three core Goblin members reunite to give it another go.

Autopsy Macchie Solari Original Motion Picture Soundrack Poster

Richie gets involved with Ennio Morricon's Autopsy.

Dawn Of The Dead Goblin Poster

Waxworks Records compiled the most complete version of Goblin’s Dawn of the Dead pressed to wax. But is it too much?


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