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The Rage Virus Breaks out near Birmingham this Halloween.

If in the past, you have found yourself flicking through the TV Guide or cinema listings trying to find a movie to give you that Halloween feeling, you will want to check out The Underground Picture House’s immersive cinema experience “28 WEEKS LATER & The Virus Reborn”.

With the location start point now stated as Kidderminster Railway Station (although the exact route will be available to customers only) a real Halloween thrill is within an hour of Birmingham this year.

The event is set in a post-apocalyptic Britain of Rage Virus infected hordes and extremist politicians, inspired by the source material 28 WEEKS LATER, which attendees will view at the end of the chase. A cast of approximately 40 actors and one of the country’s top fight choreographers are preparing to take you through intense scenes and a 1km urban chase route and a genuinely terrifying finale.

“We started off with baby steps, wondering if there was interest, but our first promotional video has been viewed 8000 times, and our Social Media posts are reaching 50,000 people a week. There is though, limited spaces for the event, it's 3 nights only, and we have no current plans to extend it. We are already planning something even bigger for our next event. We like to think people who attend will have an - “I was there at the start” feeling about it.

The project was started by Rob Smith and his confidence of providing real scare thrills to the audience has increased since Mark Henley joined his management team, bringing his four years experience of scare events with Evil Rising.

The duo is tight-lipped about giving more details, but when asked what makes their event different to other immersive cinema events, “Ours is scary” – is a pretty clear answer.

Tickets can be obtained from www.undergroundpicturehouse.com and their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/undergroundpicturehouse/


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