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Ryan DeLuca had a simple problem that turned into a much bigger one. He didn’t buy enough beer for his party. While he went out to get some more, his idiot friends busted out some mystical arcana and performed a summoning ceremony that called forth a giant monster from Hell. Those guys are definitely not getting invited to Ryan’s next party.

Leviathan is set to deliver an eye-popping, face-melting, reality-defying, non-stop rush of pure adrenaline when it debuts this August from Image Comics. The series is written by John Layman, illustrated by Nick Pitarra, and colored by Michael Garland.

“Nick and I have wanted to work together for a long time, and when I found out he had a hole in his schedule I jumped at the chance to write what I hope will be the quintessential Nick Pitarra book, a book that will take advantage of all the energy and madness he brings to a page,” said Layman. “Hundreds of years from now, when robot historians ask who Nick Pitarra was, this is the book they will boot up.”

Leviathan #1 is slated for release on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. The final order cutoff date for comic book shops is Monday, July 9th.

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