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You know that game you can play, you write a line of a story, then someone else writes the next and so on? Well, creative agency Ralph has done a similar thing by probing the minds of the general public and creating not only a story, but a trailer for what the film would look like. Read on for the official info and to watch the finished trailer.

Remember Bad Santa? Here’s a REALLY BAD Santa, thanks to Amazon Prime Video UK and the twisted minds of the British public.

Amazon Prime Video UK has unveiled a new Santa tale – but it’s definitely NOT one to watch with the kids on Christmas Eve.

London-based Ralph has created a film for Amazon Prime Video UK which sees the Great British public become screen writers and directors – setting the storyline for a Christmas horror movie.

Plot suggestions began innocently enough, setting it at Christmas with a nice wholesome family. But things escalated quickly when one contributor insisted on a Giant Evil Santa ruining things for everyone, using milk & cookies and razor wire tinsel as his weapons.

Ralph curated the plot from the creative people of Spitalfields Market, who held nothing back. Then shot the trailer for the movie - complete with a massive evil Santa and a typical British family who love everything about Christmas.

You’ll never see milk & cookies in the same way again.

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