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I've seen all kinds of sub-genres of horror over the years, but food-based horror threw me for a loop. Such is the case for Bites of Terror: 10 Frightfully Delicious Tales coming next week from Quirk Books. Created by Liz and Jimmy Reed (aka Cuddles and Rage), the book is unique combination of adorable hand-sculpted characters, intricately designed dioramas, and photographed panels all with a dark sense of humor.

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What can you expect from Bites of Terror? There's an ice cream cone making an ill-fated deal with the devil('s food cake), a moldy strawberry craving one last dip in whipped cream, a hard-boiled egg split in two sides: good and evil, and so much more. Oh, there's also quite a few puns.

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Bites of Terror features a foreword by Fangoria magazine's Phil Nobile, Jr. It's set for release on March 24th, 2020.

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