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Reverse Fundraiser CoverIt's amazing how sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have revolutionized the art industry.  It's no longer a place where an artist struggles to get something out there to people.  Anyone that's at least somewhat web-savvy can get their name and their work in front of some eyeballs.  Before that though, things were tough.  Fortunately there were people like Peter Simeti who forged ahead for the indie funny book world with Alterna Comics.  

It hasn't been an easy road for Alterna, but they've managed to keep the comics flowing since 2006.  Unfortunately in doing so they've amassed a large amount of credit card debt.  In an effort to knock this debt down to a more scalable size, they're holding a — presumably first ever — reverse fundraiser.  The comics are already created.  They're just trying to pay for them now.  You can help through their IndieGoGo page.

Alterna Comics releases several horror titles including Risers, Jesus Hates Zombies, and FUBAR.  I feel like a PBS telethon guy when I say this but for the low price of a $10 donation, you can receive a digital copy of every comic in their library.  That's a total steal when you consider the sheer amount of comics you get.  Rewards get bigger and better with larger donations including original art, physical comics, and trading cards.  So, help an indie publisher out and check out their donation page.



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