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American Angst Releases a Trailer

Developer: Misha Verollet
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android
Release: Autumn 2017

American Angst doesn't just describe how the US is probably feeling right now... It also happens to be the name of a text-based survival horror game that I covered back in July. Misha Verollet is single-handledy creating this 50,000 word horror adventure using Twine, bringing scares, multiple endings, and RPG elements to Windows, Mac, and Android this October. Until then, you'll want to check out the new trailer above.

In case you missed the first article, which is crazy talk, American Angst is a survival horror narrative set in a near-future version of the United States. It's dark, dystopian, and you don't remember a single thing about who you are or how you wound up in an underground prison.

Being described by Verollet as a “pastiche of slasher, survival horror”, with integrated combat, health, weapons, and the ability to panic, American Angst looks to take the interactive story to the next level. You should be able to experience this narrative in one sitting, lasting around one hour, but you'll want to play through multiple times to fully unravel the mystery with the choices you make.

American Angst is releasing this October on Windows, Mac, and Android. Stay up to date with all the angsty news by heading to Facebook and Twitter, or signing up for the newsletter. You can check out the itch.io page, too.

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