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Scout Comics continues to pile on the genre titles and I am here for it. The publisher has announced Loggerhead, debuting next month from creator Bryan SilverBaX. The mature and bloody sci-fi tale follows Buford “Junior” LaCroix (aka Loggerhead) who was afflicted with a DNA abnormality that lead to a shocking change in his appearance. He's been gone for years while rumors of his powers and mutations grew. Now he's more of an urban legend.

The world as we knew it changed after the last of the great wars leaving a large portion of North America a dead wasteland. It's in that wasteland that tales of a monster only known as Loggerhead exist. Within this wasteland valuable elements and minerals have been unearthed creating a hotbed of illegal mining and overrun with scavengers. When some children find themselves endangered while witnessing an illegal scavenger mineral hunt a protector rises from the murky depths of the wasteland to exact retribution.

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“I’m really excited to share Loggerhead with the world.” says creator Bryan SilverBaX. “Having a comic book published was something I’ve always wanted to do. Loggerhead was originally a part of a whole roster of comic book characters I’d designed. His striking appearance stood out to those I shared my work with and they encouraged me to further develop his story. I happy he has found a home with Scout Comics."

Loggerhead is set for release on July 1st, 2020.

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