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Chasing The Dead CoverIDW Publishing has announced their next horror mini-series in Chasing the Dead.  The comic will be adapted from the novel by Joe Schreiber by Matthew Scott and Tim Westland.  Dietrich Smith will be handling both the interior art and covers for the book.

“I was immediately struck by Schreiber’s ability to create amazing suspenseful situations that contained subtle elements of horror lurking in the corners. This is a zombie road trip done in a whole new way with a unique supernatural mythology and a fun twist at the end,” says Scott. “As soon as I finished the book, I knew we had to bring this to graphic novel.”

The first issue, due out in November 2012, dives into the story of a stranger who has kidnapped Sue's daughter, Lily.  He's not out for ransom though, just suffering.  If Sue doesn't follow his every command, Lily dies.  The stranger leads Sue into a blinding snowstorm to a place she hasn't visited since she was a kid.  This kidnapper knows the deepest, darkest secrets in Sue's past.  Oh, and there are zombies?

What do you think of Chasing the Dead?  Are you ready for another zombie comic?



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