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There have been some unlikely crossovers in comic book history, but this new one might take the cake.  Dynamite Entertainment has announced an upcoming four-part mini-series mixing Army of Darkness with Xena, Warrior Princess.  Set to debut in October, Forever...and a Day is written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Elliot Fernandez.  Here's the solicitation info from the publisher:

"You're Xena and your thousand strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil. What do you do? You suck it up and summon the only ally who stands any hope at all of helping you prevent the end of the world! Unfortunately, that lone man is the ass-kicking, time traveling, womanizing, wiseass boomsticker, Ashley J. Williams!"

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"In this story of the first jilted lover in the history of Mankind, where we learn about the third wheel who was left behind when Adam and Eve got booted out of the Garden of Eden, we see an army of the undead that is so huge that only the implacability of both Xena and Ash could hope to stop them! This is an epic tale of horror, time travel, friendships that last a century, action, and comedy all wrapped into a big-ass honking story that stars both characters front row and center," says writer Scott Lobdell.

"Ashley Williams will always be one of my favorite characters, because there's so many great AOD tales to tell, and he was the first Dynamite title we ever published. You never forget your first," says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. "As one of the most unlikely heroes in pop culture, it makes it impossible not to love him... unless, of course, you're a battle-hardened warrior like Xena, who has a little less tolerance for such shenanigans. It's an odd couple pairing that fans of both franchises will love!"

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Of course, there will be a slew of covers available for this book, four in total.  They will feature artwork by Reilly Brown, series artist Eliot Fernandez, David Robinson, and Michael Adams.  Robinson's cover is an action figure variant.  Adams' cover is a retro Halloween costume design.

The Army of Darkness comics have been hit or miss with me lately.  I get the appeal of the character, but I think his humor plays better in film or television.  This is a crossover I'm sure no one expected and I'm not sure anyone wanted, but we'll see how it plays out.  Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever...and a Day is set to debut this October.


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