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Sometimes you have to move around to get just the right angle when you're punching Nazis in the throat.  Such is the case with globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire who will be moving from Dark Horse Comics over to Action Lab Entertainment soon.  Writer / Artist Steve Bryant's supernatural pulp adventure book introduced a strong female lead capable of standing toe-to-toe with the likes of the Rocketeer and Indiana Jones, dealing with occult science and mythical creatures (not to mention those pesky Nazis) in the 1930s.

“I'm proud to add Athena Voltaire to such a diverse line of quality books,” said Bryant. “I’ve known the Action Lab folks for years, and after working with them on Ghoul Scouts, I knew they were the perfect publisher for Athena Voltaire.”

Athena Voltaire first appeared as part of the Modern Tales family of webcomics in 2002 and was nominated for a Best Digital Comic Eisner Award in 2005.  The series went on to be included in St. Martin's The Year's Best Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga (2004 edition) as well as garnering Manning and Harvey Award nominations.

Action Lab Entertainment will publish a re-release of the hardcover Athena Voltaire Compendium, previously published by Dark Horse, followed by an all-new three-issue mini-series, Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess.  Additional planned releases include a one-shot special and a prose collection.


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