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The horror comic anthology / magazine Blood-Drenched Creature Double Feature is back for more scares. This time around, creator Matthew Smith has hit Kickstarter for three issues at once, funding the production of issues #3, #4, and #5.

These issues of Blood-Drenched Creature Double Feature feature returning comics like “Phantom '79” by Smith, Casey Glisson, and Christine Brunson, “Overipe” by Lee Davis, and “Monsters Unemployed” by Smith, Glisson, and Scarecrowoven, plus new comics like “Dark Pines” by Chris Garrett and Kennedy Nguyen, and more.

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The books also include interviews and features, like pop mayhem artist Beastwreck, “3 From Hell” actor Pancho Moler, TV horror show host Dr. Madblood, indie film anthology Sharp Candy, and much more.

Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include the magazines themselves, stickers, magnets, art prints, pins, and more. The campaign runs through September 28th, 2020.

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