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The Order CoverHollywood is continuing the trend of optioning graphic novels before they're even released with The Order, an upcoming comic from Arcana Studio and Benderspink.  Bluegrass Films will be developing the movie with Brian Nathanson writing the script.  The graphic novel is written by Erik Hendrix and Sean Patrick O'Reilly.  The Order is about a group of young priests brought in by the Vatican to battle mysterious evil forces.  It's like a religious A-Team.  

While I think it's a bit silly for studios to pick up comics before they're even read by the general public, it's a great thing for the comic book industry.  Obviously, ideas like The Order are interesting enough to make me at least want to read the comic so they're on the right track.  It's about time that Hollywood has realized that the funny book business contains a ton of very talented people who have created a lot of great stories over the years.  While many of the comics that have filled that backlog belong to big corporations like Disney or Warner Brothers, The Order (and others like it) are creator-owned so this is also a boon for those freelance writers and artists out there.  It's a definite plus to work on your own stuff.

What do you think about the upcoming comic The Order?  What about the movie?  Which are you looking forward to the most?



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