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Bone Parish has been delivering a solid blend of horror and crime from BOOM! Studios. The series is about to enter its second arc with issue #5, due out in December from writer Cullen Bunn and aritst Jonas Scharf. We've got an early preview of the issue here as a new drug made from the ashes of the dead is sweeping through the streets of New Orleans.

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Getting high off of the ashes of the dead is a complicated affair, and so is selling the drugs that get you there. Grace Winters, matriarch and criminal mastermind, is running her enterprise with the help of her children and the ghost of her dead husband, Andre, through the use of the ash. But the machinations of rival gangs and the unexpected side effects of the drug begin to result in deadly and complicated consequences, including the death of one of their own. As the Winters family mourns, they must also wrestle with the horrific question —are the dead truly ever gone if their ashes can still reveal secrets and hidden truths long after their passing? 

"With a death in the family and war on the horizon, the Winters will find themselves crossing lines that were unthinkable and committing crimes even more horrific than robbing graveyards and making drugs from the bones of the dead,” said Eric Harburn, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Cullen, Jonas, Alex, and Ed have been lighting the fuse for the coming war with the Winters family, and this issue is set to explode”

If you've been sleeping on Bone Parish, you'll have the chance to get caught up quickly as the first volume of the series collecting the first four issues is set to arrive in comic shops on December 26th, the same day as Bone Parish #5. This trade paperback is a special Discover Now limited edition, available exclusively at local comic shops and featuring a cover by Lee Garbett.

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