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I am anxiously awaiting the first Just Beyond graphic novel, The Scare School, debuting in August, however publisher BOOM! Studios is already looking ahead to the next one. Written by R.L. Stine and illustrated by Kelly & Nichole Matthews, Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings will arrive in May 2020 with a cover by Julian Totino Tedesco. The comic follows the Walden family as they head to the supposedly serene camping grounds of the forest preserve at Happy Landings. Things take a terrifying turn when they encounter a pair of body-snatching aliens.

Family camping trips are supposed to be fun, but for the Walden family, they’re an absolute nightmare! After a creepy, unidentified bird attacks their mom in the forest, Parker and Annie find themselves face to face with two strange creatures that suddenly enter the kids’ brains and take control of their bodies. Can Parker and Annie break loose of this horrific control and convince their family of what’s happening, or will the creatures take over their lives for good?

“I'm not an outdoors person. When I'm in the woods or out in the country, I think of all the creatures who live there, and I instantly begin to think of horrifying encounters.” said writer R.L. Stine. “This story goes Just Beyond my normal imagining: What if you were camping out--and you were invaded by creatures from another planet?”

"It's exciting to return to the world of Just Beyond with a new, out-of-this-world experience.” said artists Kelly & Nichole Matthews. “We hope you enjoy the Horror at Happy Landings!”

“R.L. Stine brings all of his celebrated humor and horror to his newest graphic novel, Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings.” said Matt Gagnon, Editor-in- Chief, BOOM! Studios. “Old fans and new readers alike will discover brand new thrills and chills from the master of middle-grade scares himself as we run into strange creatures, body-snatching aliens, and much more. Artists Kelly & Nichole Matthews are immensely talented and bring this world to life with stunning art. This is a creative collaboration that we can’t get enough of.”

As if I needed another reason to stay out of the woods, Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings has given me one. Look for it at your local comic shop or book store in May 2020.

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