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Antonius Axius, the world's first detective is set to return in a new mini-series this July from Valiant Entertainment.  Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome, written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Robert Gill follows the “detectioner” as he investigates an otherworldly mystery of monsters, magic, and conspiracy at the boundaries of human understanding.  Here's the write-up from the publisher:

The Roman standard – the eagle borne at the front of each Roman legion – was more than just a symbol of the soldiers that carried it... It was a symbol of Rome itself, the ultimate embodiment of the empire's power…

But now, in the mist-shrouded Germanic forest of Tottenwald, the unthinkable has happened: A rampaging barbarian horde has crushed three of Rome's most highly skilled detachments in battle… and captured their mighty Roman eagles.

His authority threatened by this all-too-public shame, the mad emperor Nero has dispatched Antonius Axia, the empire's finest "detectioner" and hero of Britannia, and Achillia, the sword-wielding champion of the gladiatorial arena, to reclaim his stolen relics at any cost.

But what began as a simple mission will soon become a terrifying journey into the dark heart of belief itself as the isolated woodlands of Rome's enemies reveal unseen dimensions...and the true power of the legion's lost eagles threatens to consume any who would pursue them…

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Milligan spoke with SyFy Wire about the project, saying the story buildings on and adds to the two previous mini-series that came before it.  “I wanted to give a greater sense of the sheer scope of the Roman world, the Roman empire. In the first story, we see its northern border, Britain. In the second, we see its home turf. But in Lost Eagles of Rome, we expand eastwards, and see how the empire encompassed Egypt, too.”

“To be able to draw monsters and demons and Ancient Rome all in one book is such a ridiculously exciting thing for me, but to have all that infused with Peter's talent for incorporating deeper psychological themes and more complex storytelling just makes the whole thing that much more appealing to work on,” artist Robert Gill added. “This definitely isn't a superhero book, and that's exactly what I'm in the mood for right now.”

Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #1 is set to debut on July 25th, 2018.  It will feature covers by Cary Nord, Brian Thies, and David Mack.

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