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Sometimes you hear a logline and it's more than enough to pique your interest. Such is the case with Brother Nash from Titan Comics. It's described as American Gods meets Teen Wolf and Hellboy. How could you not want to learn more about that?

Brother Nash is a three-issue supernatural comic series from creator / writer / artist Bridgit Connell. The title character is a haunted trucker who can see ghosts, talk with spirits, sense evil, and by the way, he's a werewolf. He has to keep the beast in check when the moon is on the rise and violence threatens his friends, while also striving to meet his obligations to those he loves. A mysterious hitchhiker drags Nash and his friends headfirst into their most dangerous adventure yet.

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Brother Nash is about a mysterious trucker out West who gets lost in a supernatural adventure with his two friends, a bumbling sweetheart and fellow trucker named Ray, and a strong-willed ranch owner named Billie.” says Connell “On the road they encounter tricksters, motorcycle gangs, zombies, creepy ghost kids, high-speed chases, giant monsters, redneck shaman, witches... and find out that the lore behind astronomy is alive and roaming the earth."

Brother Nash #1 is a triple-sized issue clocking in at 72 pages. It will feature a cover by Sanford Green and another by Connell and colorist Luis Guerrero. It is completely remastered from Connell's self-published editions and newly relettered throughout. It's set for release on June 6th.

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