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Hellmouth, the first comic book crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel has hit with all kinds of terrors. The event continues in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #9 this November and publisher BOOM! Studios has shared an early preview which you can check out below.

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The events of the historic Buffy and Angel event, Hellmouth, have left the town of Sunnydale without its Slayer. And since Buffy’s missing in action, it’s up to the All-New Scooby Gang of Cordelia, Robin, Willow and Xander to save everyone in town. There’s just one problem—the Hellmouth is spreading evil throughout the city, putting everyone under its thrall. As the inhabitants of Sunnydale turn on one another, will the Scooby Gang be enough to save the town from utter chaos and destruction?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer #9 is written by Jordie Bellaire and illustrated by David Lopez. Series creator Joss Whedon serves as a story consultant. This issue features covers by Marc Aspinall, Kevin Wada, Ryan Inzana, and Cara McGee, plus a variant by Goñi Montes that connects to Hellmouth #2 and Angel #6. Look for it at your local comic shop on November 6th, 2019.

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