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The folks at Calalyst Comics Studio are beginning their first foray into horror and dark fantasy with Welcome to Everville, a new six-issue limited series currently on Kickstarter. Written by Aaron Dowen and illustrated by Matt Sotello, the comic brings a new twist to the monster genre, dropping you right into the action and mystery behind an attack that will change the course of the world forever.

Welcome to Everville is set in a small town where nothing exciting ever happens...until a meteor crashes into the woods. This gives way to the first deaths the town has seen in decades and the police want everyone to keep a watchful eye on the children.

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Abe Johnson is basically a hermit, shutting out everyone except his brother and deadbeat father since he retired. He's left with his nightmares which he soon learns are not only real, but the beginning of a brutal attack on his hometown. He must discover what makes his family unique and how he and his kin are the only ones to stop this monster.

Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include digital and physical issues of Welcome to Everville #1 as well as copies of other Catalyst Comics titles, stickers, mini-posters, trading cards, and more. The campaign runs through July 3rd, 2020 and has already surpassed its funding goal.

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