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If you live or plan on being in New York City the last week of October, you may want to swing by 122CC for the limited pre Off-Broadway showing of The Wake of Dick Johnson.

Check out what's in store:

For one week only this Halloween season, New York audiences will delve deep into the pitch black dark as writer and director Luke Walker presents the limited engagement, pre Off-Broadway run of THE WAKE OF DICK JOHNSON, an immersive, intimate setting of an authentic wake where the deceased returns to the living to explain the grim realities we all encounter in the after-life. The production will run for one week only – during Halloween - October 27th through October 31st at 122CC, 150 First Avenue, 2nd floor. Charlotte, North Carolina’s QC Nerve describes the immersive show as “an eloquent and upsetting rumination on a meaningless universe where even death will not relieve the pain of the living.” Following this special one week only run, the production is scheduled to return to New York for a four week run in the Spring of 2020.

THE WAKE OF DICK JOHNSON savagely challenges an audience’s threshold for taboo language, graphic imagery, and morbid themes, while being confined to the intimate, immersive, setting of an authentic wake./p>

The spirit of Dick Johnson lives on after his death, and at his wake, Dick returns from the other side for one last bottle of his beloved hooch, and to enlighten attendees about grim realities we all face in the afterlife. According to Dick, the afterlife is a grim, eternal, and inescapable astral plane where the misdeeds of all mankind, throughout all ages, replays on an eternal loop in the 4th-dimension.

The production features an original score by Okapi, a musical duo (comprised of Lindsey Miller, Cello & Scott Gorski, Double Bass, Voice) that will perform live during the show and utilizes upright bass, cello, and voice to create uniquely raw and cathartic orchestrations that are both intimate and aggressive. They carry honest and satirical messages driven by existential philosophies, forming a mosaic that aims to stimulate a universal confrontation with reality, with the hope of inspiring consciousness, healthy growth, and individual empowerment.

Luke Walker is a former journalist who’s written and directed two feature films including the adaptation of The Wake of Dick Johnson. He’s produced and directed several music videos for local North Carolinian musicians, written several full length plays and feature length screenplays and written for several New York media outlets including The Examiner, Thefix.com and Africa Watch. QC Nerve in North Carolina says “Walker’s is a distinctive voice that taps into the unease and uncertainty that many are feeling in an era ravaged by cruelty, corruption and decay."

THE WAKE OF DICK JOHNSON first premiered in 2016 at Maggie Mae's Pub in Sunnyside Queens for only 3 performances. It subsequently ran in Charlotte, North Carolina for 2 months in 2019.

Performances are on October 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 at 8PM.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at https://wakeofdickjohnson.brownpapertickets.com

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