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Top Cow Productions is celebrating 25 years of Witchblade in a partnership with Humble Bundle. Instead of receiving gifts, it's giving them. You can get your hands on a ton of Witchblade digital comics in a pay-what-you want model while also helping the non-profit organizations Hero Initiative, Jane Goodall Institute, and One Life 2 Love. You'll have until Wednesday, April 8th 2020 to snag this bundle. I just did myself.

"We can't be blind to what's going on around us," Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin said. "Hero Initiative has always been there for comic book creators in medical or financial need, and donations from this Humble Bundle will allow us to continue that good work."  

This bundle includes every Witchblade story ever printed along with a chunk of the reset of the Top Cow Universe and tie-ins like The Darkness, Tom Judge, Angelus, and Magdalena. Check out the different tiers below:

  • $1
    • Witchblade Origins Vol. 1-3 Genesis
    • Witchblade issues #26 - 79
    • Artifacts Vol. 1 & 2
    • Angelus
    • Tom Judge
    • Magdalena Origins


  • $8
    • Witchblade Vol. 1-8
    • Witchblade Redemption Vol. 1-4
    • Artifacts Vol. 3 & 4
    • Darkness Levels
    • Necromancer
    • Magdalena Origins


  • $15
    • Witchblade Rebirth Vol. 1-4
    • Witchblade: Borne Again Vol. 1-3
    • Witchblade (2017) Vol. 1 & 2
    • Witchblade: Day of the Outlaws
    • Witchblade Due Process
    • Witchblade Case Files
    • Artifacts Vol. 5 & 6
    • Artifacts issues #30 - 40
    • Darkness Compendium Vol. 1
    • Darkness/Pitt

All comics are available as PDF, CBZ, and ePub files. At the end of the day, this is over $800 worth of comics you can pick up for as little as $15. Given the parties involved, maybe consider throwing in a few extra bucks.

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