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Cemetery Dance announced today the plans for a paperback book club for 2023. Man, I don't know about you, but I'm all over this for a few reasons. First, I love clubs like this. I've been a member of various clubs like this throughout the years, and the packages always bring a little joy and excitement to the mystery within. Hell, Night Worms packages are a highlight of my month, so this is a no-brainer.

Plus, if you're familiar with Cemetery Dance, you know you're getting quality. They can publish an author I've never heard of, and I'll jump into it without reading the synopsis because I know the company publishes quality books.

$66 for six books? 6. 6. 6. I'm sold.

Click here to sign up!

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2022 saw the official launch of our paperback and eBook line, featuring works by Glen Hirshberg, Michael Aronovitz, Norman Prentiss, Jonathan Janz, Paul F. Olson, Greg F. Gifune, Ian Rogers, James A Moore, and many more! During this time, Dan Franklin and Kevin Lucia have been thinking of ways to enhance the line, with the intention of making it one of the premier paperback and eBook imprints in the horror small press.

After much discussion and planning, we're delighted to announce the first membership of Cemetery Dance's new Trade Paperback Book Club is now available for purchase!

Trade Paperback Club members receive:

1) 6 paperbacks over the course of six months: Members will receive six paperbacks - one in January, two in March, and then three in June! 6 for $66!

2) An exclusive, signed chapbook not available to the public, ever: Members will receive a chapbook featuring two authors which will be made available to them, only.

3) Advance notice of paperback reprints before the general public: Paperback reprints won't often be part of the paperback club, however, Paperback Club Members will be given advance notice of these reprints before the public, at a special 20% discount!

Additional Notes:

Your membership in the first term of the 2023 Trade Paperback Club will begin January 2023 and will end June 2023.

Unfortunately, we can't account for those who may pre-order and receive individual books which end up as book club selections, and because of expectations of a high volume of orders, we won't be able to swap titles for ones you may have ordered on your own. All we can guarantee is that all of the selections for the first term of the 2023 Trade Paperback Club are due for release in January 2023 - June 2023. However, we can tell you the January selection which will lead off the 2023 Term:

Stoker Award-Nominated Devil's Creek, by Todd Keisling! Featuring an all new layout, a forward by Ronald Malfi, and new afterword by the author!

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