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You have to wonder how the reindeer feel about pulling Santa's fat ass around every year. Judging from Chainsaw Reindeer, an upcoming one-shot from Action Lab: Danger Zone, one reindeer has had enough and is going on a murderous rampage. Written by Brandon Rhiness, illustrated by Carlos Trigo, colored by Przemylsaw Dedelis, and lettered by Nicholas O'Gorman, the comic takes us past the North Pole and around the world to satisfy this bloodlust.

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Creator Brandon Rhiness had this to say about his Danger Zone title: "Chainsaw Reindeer is exactly what it sounds like. If the title makes you stop and take a longer look, this book is definitely for you! This one-shot is all blood, guts, gore and carnage. If you’re looking for deep themes, thought-provoking dialogue and rich characters, this comic is not for you. If you want to see a reindeer kill people with a chainsaw – keep reading."

He goes on to say, "So many comics these days seem like the same thing you’ve read a hundred times before. Chainsaw Reindeer is a new and fresh read. It’ll put a smile on your face." Then adds, "I want readers to be able to read a hilarious, shocking, fun story that isn’t part of a longer story arc. You don’t need to read multiple issues just to figure out the characters and what’s going on. You can buy this comic, read it and have more fun than you will reading anything else on the shelf."

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Brandon finishes by saying: "It’s been my dream to have a comic book I created in stores. And now my dream has come true! I never would have thought it would be something like Chainsaw Reindeer, but life is full of surprises!"

Chainsaw Reindeer features a cover by series artist Carlos Trigo. It's set for release on September 11th, 2019.

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