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Coming soon to Kickstarter from Hex Publishers is True Believers. Written by Stephen Graham Jones and Joshua Viola, this three-issue series will have interior art by Ben Matsuya and varient covers by Robert Hack, Aaron Lovett, Clara Meath, Juan Samu, and Xander Smith. We got the sneak peek at the mask design from the comic, which you can check out below! Then head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge away!

As a huge fan of Stephen Graham Jones' work, I am all over this.

Experience the world of horror fandom like never before with TRUE BELIEVERS, a gripping and grisly new comic book mini-series co-written by bestselling Bram Stoker Award-winner Stephen Graham Jones and Denver Post bestselling writer Joshua Viola, with interior artwork by Ben Matsuya. The three-issue series, which delves into the world of cosplay and fan conventions, is set at the Colorado Festival of Horror. A full-color, four-page ashcan preview of TRUE BELIEVERS #1 will be available exclusively at this year’s festival, which is based in Denver, CO, and runs from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th. The first completed TRUE BELIEVERS issue will be available on Kickstarter, along with a TRUE BELIEVERS CD/Digital soundtrack powered by the USA-based record label FiXT, featuring Celldweller, Essenger, Circle of Dust, Cantervice, Young Medicine, Scandroid, PYLOT, and The All Things, as well as a TRUE BELIEVERS latex mask from Oktober Studios. Fans can follow the project’s pre-launch page to get an email when the campaign launches.

TRUE BELIEVERS was co-created and co-written by bestselling writer Stephen Graham Jones, whose most recent comic, EARTHDIVERS, is set to become a TV series through 20th Century Television and whose most recent novel, THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS, is a New York Times bestseller. “TRUE BELIEVERS is for the true believers out there,” says Graham Jones. “It’s for those who like the masks, the machetes, the blood and the grins.” He has written numerous other slasher novels, such as MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW, DON'T FEAR THE REAPER, NIGHT OF THE MANNEQUINS, and THE LAST FINAL GIRL.

Some seek out fan conventions for community. For safety. For understanding. There are those who believe they reveal their true selves by becoming a cherished character, but sometimes obsessions turn dark. The first issue of TRUE BELIEVERS introduces a new bone-chilling slasher character, Killr™, who offers a sinister and unforgettable take on fandom. In the world of meta horror, Killr™ emerges as the embodiment of evil within the slasher genre, born from a cult-favorite short film that inspires a trilogy. Amid the franchise's rising popularity, devoted fans fervently embrace Killr™, celebrating the character with enthusiastic cosplay. At the Colorado Festival of Horror, fanatics Rip and Kit—proudly labeling themselves as "true believers”—embark on a profound journey of self-discovery under Kit's guidance. However, the boundaries between reality and fiction blur, prompting them to question the ramifications of idolizing such malevolence. This gripping meta horror tale delves into the intricate interplay of identity, horror, and obsession, challenging the very essence of their connection with the enigmatic entity they revere. The Kickstarter edition features the first 24-page story in the three-issue series.

“Killr™ is one of the purest distillations of evil ever produced by the slasher genre,” says Joshua Viola, the Colorado Book Award winner and Denver Post bestselling author of Denver Moon, Nightmares Unhinged, and It Came from the Multiplex. “Our villain, Killr™ (the trademark symbol playfully satirizes the franchising of horror properties), presents a refreshing perspective on the concept of wearing a mask and the diverse interpretations fans can derive from it. “Killr™ is truly a cosplayer’s dream."

TRUE BELIEVERS features interior art by comic book artist Ben Matsuya (Jupiter Jet, Midnight Massacre). The series includes haunting variant covers by fan favorite horror comic artists, such as:

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina artist Robert Hack;
  • Monster Train artist Aaron Lovett;
  • Goosebumps artist Clara Meath;
  • Elvira artist Juan Samu;
  • American Horror Story artist Xander Smith

Everyone who backs at a physical level will receive a copy of the first issue. Other tiers include variant covers; signed books by Stephen Graham Jones, Joshua Viola, and Ben Matsuya; signed prints; patches designed by AJ Nazzaro (Hearthstone, Overwatch); latex masks; an opportunity to become a character in Issue 2; a 2024 Colorado Festival of Horror 3-Day Pass for 2; and a CD/ digital soundtrack for TRUE BELIEVERS.

“Stephen Graham Jones, Joshua Viola, and Ben Matsuya have delivered a mind-blowing, twisted comic,” says Colorado Festival of Horror co-founder, Bret Smith. “TRUE BELIEVERS is set at our very own horror convention, featuring a cutting-edge psycho killer stalking our Slasher Hotel hallways!”

The official TRUE BELIEVERS soundtrack, titled "Kit's Playlist," is woven into the comic's narrative, providing a glimpse into one of our character's musical tastes during their cosplaying escapades. Every track featured on this playlist exudes dark themes that seamlessly align with the story's tone, creating a hauntingly immersive experience for listeners. Among these seven captivating tunes are covers that enhance the eerie atmosphere, such as PYLOT's remix of Scandroid's rendition of Michael Jackson's iconic “Thriller,” Celldweller's rendition of "Cry Little Sister," originally a theme from The Lost Boys film by Gerard McMahon, the spine-chilling "Halloween Theme," a cover of John Carpenter's timeless Halloween theme, and Young Medicine's haunting take on "Somebody's Watching Me," a popular 1984 track by Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson. Each song gracefully embraces the essence of the slasher genre, amplifying the Halloween season's allure to mesmerize and captivate listeners.

The soundtrack for TRUE BELIEVERS features:

  • Celldweller/Circle of Dust/Scandroid (the prolific musician Klayton, known for intricately designed soundscapes and a blend of musical styles, has been featured in movies, games, and TV shows);
  • Essenger (a musician on the cutting edge of electronic music, blending an array of influences for a sound that pays tribute to modern alt rock, EDM, and synthwave);
  • PYLOT (by blending elements of synthwave and cyberpunk with finesse and attention to detail, PYLOT creates mesmerizing and immersive soundscapes that are filled with beautiful synth melodies and energizing rhythms);
  • Cantervice (an American concept-based electronic rock project centered around dystopian futures);
  • Young Medicine (synthwave rockers inspired by diverse genres resulting in a carefully constructed music identity that defies simple categorization);
  • The All Things (a three-piece rock outfit from New York)

“We hope TRUE BELIEVERS provides thought-provoking commentary on the very essence of fandom and the meaning of being a devoted ‘true believer,’” says artist Ben Matsuya.

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Wait, that's not enough? Well, for  those of you who will be at the Colorado Festival of Horror next month, you may run into Colleen Cole, who will be wearing a costume she designed based on the True Believers villain, Killr. You can see more of Colleen's cosplay here

Colleen shared:

As a fan of Colorado Festival Horror, huge nerd, costumer, cosplayer, and comic creator, I was ecstatic to learn of True Believers.  The opportunity to create cosplays based on characters inspired by the cosplay community and such a beloved local show was exciting.  I'm happy to share in the horror and hype surrounding True Believers by debuting some Killr cosplays at Colorado Festival of Horror.

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(Photo credits: Photography by Paul; Todd is credited as grip; The Killr cosplayer is Semetary Cosplay; The victims and bystanders are Colleen.

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