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Chris Giarusso Spawn CoverWe got a taste of Chris Giarusso's cover skills in Image Comics' April Fools gag "The Walking Dead for Kids."  Unfortunately that wasn't real, but Giarusso will be creating a number of variant covers for Image over the next few months.  One of which will be for the upcoming Spawn #220.  There are seven total variants being produced to celebrate the character's 20th anniversary.  

Two of the other variants have already been announced.  The first was "Savage Spawn" providing an homage to Savage Dragon by Erik Larson.  The other was a tribute to Youngblood by Rob Liefeld.  This issue of Spawn, written by creator Todd McFarlane is set to be a pretty big deal for Image Comics, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary.  I'm expecting covers by other Image founders and big wigs.  It's like their way of showing the rest of the comics industry that they're still alive and kicking.

What do you think of the variant covers so far?  Which one do you like the best?



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