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A mainstay on my favorite horror comics list for the past two years has been Colder from writer Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra.  There have been two mini-series from Dark Horse Comics that followed the strange Declan as he battled the Hungry World and the terror of insanity.  Both of them have been damn near perfect and easily the best visual representation of madness.  Announced at Phoenix Comicon yesterday, the creative team is returning for one last chapter in the Colder tale with Toss the Bones beginning this September.

If you haven't read Colder or its sequel, The Bad Seed yet, shame on you.  Also, this is fair warning as the next few sentences will have some spoilers.  Toss the Bones follows a newly resurrected Nimble Jack, who was the chaotic villain in the first series, as he bounces back and forth between the Hungry World and our own reality, recruiting agents of madness and unifying them for one common goal: the death and consumption of Declan.

While Swivel, the finger-obsessed antagonist of The Bad Seed, was definitely creepy, there was an entirely different level of terror with Nimble Jack.  There's an entropy to everything he does.  He thrives on insanity, feeding on it and wreaking havoc wherever he goes.  Jack underestimated Declan in Colder but I'm sure he won't make that same mistake this time around.  He's going to be prepared and that's even scarier.

Colder: Toss the Bones debuts in September.  The first issue will retail for $3.99.



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