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Cult Classic: Return to Whisper hit with a bang last year, but unfortunately only the first two issues saw the light of day. Publisher Vault Comics has announced the series is returning this July with a reprint of the first issue, followed by a double-sized special issue collecting the second and third chapters in August. September will have another double-sized issue, wrapping up the whole mini-series, just ahead of the launch of another, currently unannounced new series set in the same universe.

The second printing of Cult Classic #1 has a new cover paying homage to Johnny Craig’s iconic cover to EC Comics’ Crime SuspenStories #22 from 1954.

Cult Classic: Return to Whisper is written by Eliot Rahal and illustrated by Felipe Cunha. It’s told in two timelines. In 1997, a group of teenagers discover a treasure of immeasurable wealth. They make a pact that they’ll come back one day as adults to divide their riches and live happily ever after. Jump ahead 15 years where they’ve come home, not to count their fortune, but to bury a friend.

Cult Classic: Return to Whisper #1 – Vault Vintage Edition, is set for release on July 31st, 2019.

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