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No region has capitalised on the ghost story quite like South East Asia, so it's no surprise there's a constant, steady stream of spooky tales coming from that continent. We've had Japan, China, Korea and Thailand serve up bonechilling stories of horror, and now it's the turn of Singapore with Curse.


Grayson Pictures is to give a UK DVD release to the rarely seen Singaporean military chiller Curse on Sept 10, 2012.

Set in on the Island of Pulau Hantu in the south of Singapore. Curse tells the terrifying tale of a military squad sent to an island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of soldiers. Accidentally disturbing a burial site, they unleash a terrifying supernatural curse...

Curse is directed by Esan Sivalinhgam who said of the shoot: “We expected it to be one hell of an adventure but it turned out to be the adventure from hell”. Facing torrential downpours, extreme temperatures, venomous reptiles plus censorship issues and stumbling across a real burial site, it was a miracle the film was completed in its fifteen-day schedule.

Curse will be the first release by newly-created Grayson Pictures and more details of release, including artwork (image above is temporary artwork), more stills and special extras will be announced soon.


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