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Hill House Comics, the pop-up imprint from DC Black Label curated by Joe Hill expands next month with Daphne Byrne. We're pleased to share an early preview of the first issue which you can check out below:

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It’s Victorian-era New York, and 14-year-old Daphne Byrne’s father has died, leaving her alone with a mother who’s consumed by grief. This combination makes her an easy target for a group of occultists that promise to help her communicate with her dead husband. Daphne sees this for the sham that it is—and as she tries to uncouple her mother from these hucksters, her rage and frustration begins to manifest as a strange and hungering presence within her. The needs and appetites of the entity she comes to know as “Brother” will be met, and Daphne may not be strong enough to stave him off…
…and she might not want to…

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Daphne Byrne #1 is written by Laura Marks, illustrated by Kelley Jones, and colored by Michelle Madsen. It features a main cover by Gerald Jablonski and a variant by Yasmin Putri. It's set for release on January 8th, 2020.

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