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Baltimore is ending.  Relax, Maryland residents.  The city is fine...unless you've reverted to something like The Wire again.  Anyway, Dark Horse Comics has announced the conclusion of Baltimore from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.  The pair have co-written the title character, a World War I soldier turned vampire hunter, through a novel and a number of mini-series over the past few years.  In 2017, his story comes to an end with The Red Kingdom, featuring artwork from Peter Bergting, colors by Michelle Madsen, and covers by Ben Stenbeck.

The Red Kingdom picks up with Lord Baltimore missing.  The Red King – aka evil incarnate – is taking over the world.  Meanwhile, Baltimore's team has been driven apart.  Some are dying on the frontlines while others are in hiding.  Baltimore's fight began as a quest for revenge against the vampire that killed his family.  Now it has gotten bigger than he ever could have imagined.  What role will he play as evil finally threatens to consume the world?

“Working on Baltimore has been a gift,” said co-writer Christopher Golden. “From the moment Mike Mignola first called to ask if I wanted to write the novel, and through forty-one issues of the comics series, I’ve felt incredibly fortunate to be able to tell this story, to build this world and these characters alongside an extraordinary group of creators.”

“Drawing the final part of Baltimore’s story is such an honour,” said Peter Bergting. “I was thrilled when I was asked to join the title, already a few years ago now but I could never have imagined how I would grow as an artist as well. The feedback from my editors, and working with Mike and Chris, has been a learning experience like no other. It’s really a masterclass in storytelling and now that we are approaching the end I don’t even read the entire script before I start pencilling. I read and draw one page at a time. I’m as big a fan of the series as anyone reading it and I turn the pages in the script dreading what’s to come next for our heroes”.

Baltimore is a grim story about vengeance and duty, but I’ve always seen it as having a dark beauty in so many ways,” continued Golden. “Crafting the story with Mike, honing it with Scott Allie and the editorial team at Dark Horse, and especially working with Ben Stenbeck and Peter Bergting on art, and with Dave Stewart and Michelle Madsen on colors, we’ve been able to show readers the dark beauty of Baltimore the way we see it. We’re hurtling toward the end now and the final arc is going to seriously mess with reader expectations. I can’t wait till this thing hits stores!”

This is not the first Mignolaverse title to end recently.  BPRD: Hell on Earth and Hellboy in Hell recently came to a close.  I'm bummed that Baltimore is wrapping up its run too as I've been a big fan of his adventures, but I like that it's getting an ending in the first place.  Baltimore: The Red Kingdom is a five-issue mini-series.  The first issue is slated for release on February 1st, 2017.

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