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Darksiders Ii CoverDark Horse Comics has announced a prequel comic for the upcoming Darksiders II video game.  This special issue, entitled Death's Door will only be available to fans that pre-order the special Angel of Death edition of the game at Best Buy.  Of course, the first game is sort of a prequel to it too, no?  Sort of.  While the previous Darksiders focused on War, the sequel is centered on another Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death.  

Death's Door is written by Andrew Kreisberg and drawn by Roger Robinson.  It will also feature a cover by gamer creator Joe Madureira.  The story centers on Death as he travels to Earth to hunt down a rogue demon.  

I liked the first Darksiders game, even though it totally ripped off elements from other games such as God of War and Zelda.  It was a fun and short title with some great gore.  I'm excited for the sequel and Dark Horse certainly knows how to do video game comics with their previous track record including such titles as Prototype 2 and Mass Effect.  

What say you?  Will you pre-order the game at Best Buy (360, PS3, Windows) for this super special exclusive comic?



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