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DCeased hit with a bang, bringing real horror to the DC Universe. The fun seemed to have ended after six-issues and a one-shot tie-in. Fortunately, DC Comics is going back to this frightening world where a virus has turned millions (if not billions) into mindless killing machines. DCeased: Unkillables kicks off in February 2020 from writer Tom Taylor and artists Karl Mostert and Trevor Scott.

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What do the villains do when the heroes have failed? The series delivers a street-level story of death, heroism, and redemption, centering on Red Hood and Deathstroke as they fight with no mercy to save the only commodity left on the dying planet of the undead: life.

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The series features main covers by Howard Porter and card stock variants by Francesco Mattina. Issue #1 has a horror movie homage variant by Yasmine Putri and issue #2 features another homage cover by Ben Oliver.

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