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Freddy Krueger slashes onto Dead by Daylight

Studio: Behaviour Interactive Inc
Available on: Steam 
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Dead by Daylight has done it again... Every time I think I've got back out from under its horrifying charm, Behaviour Interactive Inc reveal something that has me creeping right back into the fray for another multiplayer match of asymmetric horror. This time, the studio has only gone and announced that they'll be bringing slasher icon, Freddy Krueger, into the bloodshed via the new A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter.

The new DLC adds a number of new elements to the nightmare that is Dead by Daylight, including the knife-gloved murderer himself as a new Killer, an energy-drink gulping Survivor known as Quentin Smith (the protagonist from the 2010 film), and Badham Preschool, the place where Freddy became the twisted dream-diving killer that we all know and love.

As part of these additions, both of the new playable characters will bring their own 'perks' (in-game stat bonuses) and Freddy will also have his own power: Dream Demon, whereby the helpless teens are trapped in a never-ending nightmare state as they begin to fall asleep. All of this for just $6.99 – we must be dreaming.

This isn't the first time that the studio has brought in a licensed slasher franchise, having previously released Halloween DLC that included Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and the town of Haddonfield. Dead by Daylight's new A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter is available right now on Steam for $6.99, and will be infiltrating the dreams of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users before long. I'll wake you up to tell you all about it soon, if I can.


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