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Dead by Daylight - Of Flesh and Mud DLC 

Studio: Behaviour Interactive Inc
Trailer: https://youtu.be/ak5uN7CC2ms
Available on: Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/381210/)
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

I've been obsessed with Dead by Daylight for a while now, and it's not looking like my obsession is going anywhere soon as Behaviour Interactive has released new downloadable content (DLC), expertly titled “Of Flesh and Mud”. This DLC adds a new killer, survivor, and map to the game. Frankly, I'm excited to get down and dirty with it soon as it's already in my Steam basket...

For those that haven't heard of Dead by Daylight, this asymmetrical multiplayer horror was released back in June 2016 – a week before my birthday, I might add - and sets one killer against four survivors. While the survivors sneak around trying to fix generators in order to open exit gates, the killer hunts them down, hacks them up, and then hangs them on meat hooks until the life slowly leaves their eyes. Survivors can work together to save each other, if they're feeling generous. Each killer and survivor also has their own abilities and items, which change the pace of each procedurally-generated game. It's a tense, addictive affair, no matter which side you choose.

In the DLC, the new killer is “The Hag”. She used to go by the name of Lisa Sherwood, but after being captured by an unnamed psychopath who slowly carved off her flesh, piece by piece, nothing but the “craving to hurt, to eat, and to hang” was left. Her main ability is the Phantasm Trap, whereby she uses an ancient ritual to mould the mud into her image, confusing and terrifying survivors into fleeing when they step into its area of effect.

In addition, she is able to use new perks, revolving around Hag's Totems. “They have one purpose. To weaken the survivors and take away their abilities”. The first perk is called "Ruin", and when equipped it impairs the survivors' ability to fix generators, meaning that skill checks – quick-time events that have to be successfully completed in order to make no noise – either affect you negatively or have no effect at all. If you've ever played Dead by Daylight, you'll know just how debilitating this could be.

The new second perk is “Devour Hope”. If a survivor is rescued from a hook with 24 metres of the killer, the totem will receive a token. Each token grants the killer with additional abilities, although these weren't detailed by the studio when announcing the DLC.

The last new perk is “The Third Seal”. When this perk is active, being touched by the killer means that you become cursed and your aura-reading abilities are reduced, making you easier prey. For example, you will be unable to see visual cues such as injured teammates or open doors if they're too far away. The curse is passed on each time The Hag gets her claws on a new survivor, and each of these perks can be cancelled if the survivors can find and destroy the Hag's Totems.

Trying to survive all of the above will be “Ace”, the new survivor. He has a history of being charming, witty, and incredibly lucky in both life and gambling. Until now. Luckily, he also has three new perks to see if he can turn around his bad hand. The first is “Ace in the Hole”, which means that an item found in a chest will occasionally come with an add-on of uncommon or lower rarity. For example, you might find a torch that has a battery add-on, increasing the amount of time it can be used.

Ace's second perk is “Up the Ante”, which increases the luck of all remaining survivors, and his third is “Open-handed”. This perk makes Ace incredibly aware of his surroundings, meaning that his own aura-reading abilities are significantly increased. Sounds like an ace idea.

The new map is “Backwater Swamps”, and the story goes that when the authorities decided to drain the swamp they found a significant number of human remains hiding in its murky depths. Hopefully, you won't soon be among them. Players can expect to “get lost in the mud walls... and try to take shelter in the decaying boat graveyard”. The map looks about as dark and dirty as you'd hope for in a swamp setting, and I'm sure it will be difficult at first to spot The Hag on her home-turf.

Dead by Daylight's new DLC, Of Flesh and Mud, is available right now for killers and survivors to start getting dirty in the Backwater Swamps. If you already own Dead by Daylight, the new DLC will set you back £4.99 ($6.99 USD), or only £4.49 ($6.29 USD) if you purchase before 6pm GMT on Thursday when the 10% off discount is gone. If you don't yet own Dead by Daylight, you'll also spend an additional £14.99 ($19.99 USD) on the game itself, but it's money that's murderously well spent. You can always hide the receipt in the swamps if you're meant to be saving...


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