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Everywhere I look it's British horror these days. Marvellous stuff to see the UK film industry in such rude health, but the quality does seem to vary quite dramatically. So I raised a cautious eyebrow when the press release for Deadtime came in, starring ex-Eastenders figure of hate, Leslie Grantham, and Mancunian TV irritant, Terry Christian. Yes, I realise those names will mean absolutely zip to our non-UK readers, you'll just have to trust me that they're not huge names.


Anyway, check out the official and rather bloody trailer below that clocks in at just under four minutes and probably shows all the best bits. Official info to precede the claret.


Who said rock and roll was about sex and drugs, not in Deadtime. Leslie Grantham & Terry Christian both have cameo appearances in this bloodthirsty, gripping British Horror. Everyone craves success and most will do whatever it takes, but Deadtime will take you down a chilling and twisted plot of blood, lies and betrayal that will have you jumping out of your seats. Even before it’s released the Deadtime extended trailer has notched up over half a million YouTube views, showing everyone loves a good story, great British actors and A LOT of blood!

Love Meets Murder - the once popular rock'n'metal band, now down on their luck and their careers, seek to create their "magnum opus". Locked into a Wednesbury (Birmingham) studio for the weekend nobody is able to leave - but before the band have just finished tearing into their new hit, a series of mysterious murders begin to plague them all. Now only their own self-belief can save them from the psychotic mind of their assailant.


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